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McChanicle Corner's RPG Launch this month! ⚙️

McChanicle Corners RPG releases the last week of this month! Gather your crew, your cunning, and prepare to misbehave. Be a professional criminal in the world of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber in this Heist RPG with a twist - only one of you may win.

As per our KS promise, we have the main RPG book plus Things to Steal & Where to Find Them and Foodstuffs & Felons. In total, that makes 100+ pages of rules and source material: with dozens of original illustrations!


  • Never-before-seen characters - dozens of portraits, drawings & NPC profiles

  • Ideas for heists and campaigns

  • Worldbuilding in the universe of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

  • Play as animal, foodstuff or mechanical minion each with their own quirks & flaws

If you’re a KS backer, watch your updates on how to get your digital copy. For everyone else, we’re putting together some special bundles that we’ll announce the week of release.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to Protospiel, especially those who put on and organized the show. We’ll be taking Conquest Princess: The Captain Ashii Marooned tutorial scenario on the road this convention season thanks to you.

The Conquest Princess launch reminder will be up on Gamefound soon. We’re zeroing in on a date in May for launch. If you believe in indie board games doing it right, please come join us. We’re even planning a signup-and-first-day-backer bonus.

Look for your chance to play Conquest Princess: The Captain Ashii Marooned & the standard mission at CaptainCon & Con of the North.

Everybody Dive in the Pool!

As promised in the before times, Seppy will be demonstrating that Chip Theory’s Too Many Bones can be played underwater. See him at CaptainCon on Saturday in the pool.

Come play a Conquest Princess demo and get a Mayor Waffles calendar while supplies last.

Waffles Wednesdays

Waffles loves you and wants you to succeed. Every Wednesday he’s got an affirmation for you to help you on your board game design journey or other creative endeavors. Come check it out on Instagram and Facebook.

Every week we’re posting Seppy’s TikTok LIVE highlights on YouTube. Grab a bite-sized chunk of inspiration and fun every Tuesday.

We’ve started the next series on the blog. Prep your board game along with us to find out how to get the most out of playtesting at Protospiel and other conventions.

And last but not least, come join Seppy and/or Mark every other Tuesday night at Sovranti’s Game Nights. Come have some fun!


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