Conquest Princess


Use the power of space fashion & friendship. This mind-melting, co-op, big-box game is coming to crowdfunding in October. Conquest Princess' theme is light-speed, but its difficulty is dark matter.

1-4 Players | 50 Minutes | Age 14+

Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber


Secretly side with one of the four titular characters.

Pick a mechanical room from the conveyor belt and add it to the maze. That's it - the game play is that simple! The room you play may rotate its neighbors and if played next to a non-dairy character, it may cause them to race through the maze. The game ends if the Mouse or Cat run over their prey or if the Cucumber shows up.

1-4 Players | 15 Minutes | Age 11+

Hedgehog Hop


Hedgehogs have assembled to do what they do best: dance. However, hedgehogs are clumsy and will be bouncing each other around on the dance floor! 


Assemble your dance crew and groove against others to perform the most spectacular Grand Finale. 12 min, 2 player set collection, tile placement game.

2-6 Players | 12 Minute | Age 14+

Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity


Terrible News! Aliens conquer the Earth and enslave you. Worst still, the extraterrestrials cannot distinguish between cows and hipsters.


Welcome to Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity, a 30-min social board game of terrible democracy. A conveyor belt speeds hipsters and cows to their fate; you must decide who gets “Processed" into meat, "Probed" for science, or "Freed" to live in the new “Utopia.”

3-6 Players | 30 Minutes | Age 14+

Squirrel or Die


​Squirrel life is not all nuts and games.


In Squirrel or Die, we explore the mental rigors of surviving the hide-or-go-starve-to-death dilemmas of the modern tree rodent. Cute or devious? Do you have what it takes to be the last varmint standing?

2-4 Players | <10 Minutes | Age 14+

End of the Line

So the world has ended?  What do you do now…? Get in line like everyone else.


End of the Line is a game of post-apocalyptic family survival. You have 5 family members, 5 resource lines, and 1 mission: you must escape obliteration while navigating the bureaucracy of the ruined earth.

3-6 Players | 75 Minutes | Age 14+