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a Game of Serving Humanity

Aliens have conquered Earth. As a survivor, you've been enslaved to figure out who gets "Processed," "Probed," and "Freed."


Warning: The Confederated Alien Overlords

treat cows and humans equally.

3-6 Players | 30 Minutes | Age 14+

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Processing is a social game of terrible democracy. A conveyor belt of cows and hipsters will be marching towards their fate and you must decide which get "Processed" into meat, "Probed" for science, or "Freed" to live under alien rule.

The Confederated Alien Overlords (CAO) demand you work to appease them all, but since they all want different things that will be tough. There are three rounds and you'll have to pick a different Alien Agenda each round. The game is easy to learn, but hard to win requiring strategy, negotiation, and planning to survive working for our Alien Conquerors.

Processing was a great Kickstarter and we are thankful to all of our fans. Processing delivered on its Kickstarter promise five months early.

Game mechanics are easy to learn and allow players to keep track of each other without slowing play. During each player’s turn, they may only do one thing: place a vote taken on an empty space. After each player votes six times, you score.


Though the mechanics are easy, winning is not. Every action benefits or harms the other players. Plus, you have limited resources. Social deduction is helpful. Creating a consensus with the other players which benefits you MOST is key.

Cheer: “Meat! Meat! Meat!” Barter: “I’d gladly pay you next turn for a hipster burger today.” Plead: “Please please please.” Do what you can to get the table on board with your agenda.

Rules & Variants

3-6 Player Rules

Click here to download the pdf.

I Like Mini Races!

In a 4 or 5 player game, you can pass out one "6" card to each player after the Alien Agenda Draft.

Alternatively, in a 5-player game, you can follow the rules for a 6-player game returning unused "6" Agenda cards to the box, unseen.


The Rebel Variant works with the full game rules.

The Voting Phase follows the same rules as the full game, but the Scoring Phase and End Game are played with the following changes:

During Pick an Agenda at the beginning of the Scoring Phase, players choose whether they are serving the CAO or if they want to go Rebel. To become a Rebel, players secretly flip their Player Card to show the Rebel Agent side face up. All players still choose an Alien Agenda, but they place it over their Player Card, hiding the choice they made. Once a player is a Rebel, they are a Rebel for the rest of the game. A player may only become a Rebel during Pick an Agenda.

During Get VP, any Rebel players reverse the Victory Point and Mad CAO Point awards on their chosen Alien Agenda cards. These players collect Victory Points for the result awarding Mad CAO Points, and Mad CAO points for the results awarding Victory Points.

At the beginning of the End Game, Rebel players may adjust their total Mad CAO Points before the player with the highest Mad CAO Point total is sent to Processing. Starting with the most recent Overseer and proceeding clockwise, Rebels decide if they want to add or subtract exactly two Mad CAO Points from the total on the Mad CAO Track.


Thanks to Processing's successful Kickstarter, the small box is packed full of quality components including custom meeples. In addition, Kickstarter backers had the option to upgrade the standard chipboard tokens to custom acrylic tokens. And today's your lucky day because we've still got a few sets of acrylic tokens left!

As with every Fight in a Box Kickstarter, we had some special things made just for our biggest fans. In addition to the Deluxe Token set, we made Processing enamel pins, promo cards, and a special edition of Squirrel or Die: Alien Invasion.