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a Game of Serving Humanity

Aliens have conquered Earth, enslaving humanity & bovanity. You figure out who gets "Processed," "Probed," and "Freed."


Warning: The Confederated Alien Overlords

treat cows and humans equally.

3-6 Players | 30 Minutes | Age 14+

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Processing is a social, area control, board game.


A conveyor belt of cows and humans marches towards inevitability. Using the power of terrible democracy, decide who gets "Processed" into meat, "Probed" for science, or "Freed."

Processing was a great Kickstarter and we want to thank all of our fans for making this project happen. Processing delivered five months early on its Kickstarter promise.

On your turn, place a single vote on an empty space. Each player votes six times, and then you score.


Though the mechanics are easy, winning is not. Every action benefits or harms the other players. Use strategy, social deduction, and peer-pressure to best spend your limited resources.

Cheer: “Meat! Meat! Meat!” Barter: “I’d gladly pay you next turn for a hipster burger today.” Plead: “Please please please.” Do what you can to get the table on board with your agenda.

Rules & Variants

3-6 Player Rules

Click here to download the pdf.

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