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Mouse Cheese
Cat Cucumber

Secretly side with one of the four titular characters.


Asymmetrical, everyone wins this mystery maze builder differently. Place, rotate, then move to victory! 


1-4 Players | 15 Minutes | Age 11+

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In Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber each character wins differently and each player secretly sides with one of them. The Mouse wants to get the cheese, the Cat wants to get the mouse, the Cheese wants everyone to get along (it is neutral... it is Swiss), and the Cucumber wants to trap them all together.


Pick a mechanical room from the conveyor belt and add it to the maze. That's it - the game play is that simple! The room you play may rotate its neighbors and if played next to a non-dairy character, it may cause them to race through the maze. The game ends if the Mouse or Cat run over their prey or if the Cucumber shows up.

MCCC is currently in online testing before its Winter 2020/2021 Kickstarter. If you'd like to give the game a try, please join us on social media or sign up for our newsletter for your chance to come play test.


Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber comes with three additional solo games built in: The Great Escape, Who Done It?, and the Mystery Puzzle.


It's a Fight in the Box staple to offer extras for our fans during our Kickstarter. In the coming months, watch for news about new promo cards, enamel pins, and of course, a Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Deluxe Edition.

Now, you might be saying "Winter 2021?! But I can't wait that long!"

To which we will respond, "Hey, we've got some other great games for you to play in the mean time!"

Click on the characters below to see what they'll be playing while we wait for MCCC!

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