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Mouse Cheese

Cat Cucumber

A maniacal game of Cat & Mouse:

quick, asymmetric, hidden roles.

1-4 Players | 15 Minutes | Age 11+

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A board game of Mysteries & Maze Building!


The Mouse wants to get the Cheese, the Cat wants to get the Mouse, the Cheese wants everyone to get along (it is neutral... it is Swiss), and the Cucumber wants to trap everyone together. In Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, each character wins differently and who you are is a secret. 


On your turn, you pick a tile from the Conveyor Belt to add to the Maze. Your placement may cause other rooms to rotate and force characters to race through the Maze. Careful! If characters collide, the game can end early!

Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Portrait of a Mastermind Expansion
Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Special Guests Expansion

Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber has two expansions: Special Guests, and Portrait of a Mastermind!

The Special Guests Expansion adds four new mysterious guests to the game for Expert Level play.

Play the meta-game with Portrait of a Mastermind. Add new abilities for Genius Level play.

4 Solo Modes

  • The Great Escape: The clocktower is about to explode! Save the Cheese and make your Great Escape!

  • Who Done It?: Build the Maze without trapping the characters. Survive long enough to figure out the culprit.

  • Mystery Puzzle: All 28 Maze Cards can be assembled like a puzzle. Try to put it together to discover the hidden stories and motives in Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber.

  • Full Campaign: The Solo Campaign mode adds another layer of difficulty and extends play: players must beat three solo mode games back-to-back without losing. New environments and powers add more to your game. (Full Campaign requires both expansions.)

Click here to check out the instructions and to download the solo rules!
Solo Modes

The Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber Prequel Comic Strip


Warming up to the Kickstarter, we brought the world of McChanicle Corners to life with the help of our fans. Journey through the Mind of Kaiser Cucumber and meet the characters in the world of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber in this comic strip powered by Terrible Democracy.


Play Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Online with Sovranti

Sovranti makes playing Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber simple. With built-in rules enforcement and automatic setup, you can start building your maze in no time at all.

Check out their calendar of rotating free-to-play games.

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