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We Love Our FLGS

Reasons you want to get games directly from us:​

  1. You need it fast and can't get it from your distributor.

  2. You want the best deal on our games.

  3. We offer free shipping and a free display.

The Deal

50% off MSRP of a case (12 units)

Free display, free shipping

Retail Starter Set

6 copies of Squirrel or Die

6 copies of Hedgehog Hop

6 copies Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

Free wooden display

Free shipping

Only $105

How to Order

If you have any questions or are ready to place your order, email

Display 3.png

Who Qualifies?

You must have a brick and mortar store.

You must order in case quantities (12 units) or the Starter Set.

1 free display per customer.

Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Box Art.png
Hedgehog Hop Box Art.png
Squirrel or Die Box Art.png

*Limited Quantities Available

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