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Hedgehog Hop

Rival hedgehog dance crews compete looking for the most spectacular Grand Finale.


However, hedgehogs are clumsy and spend most of their time bumping into each other hoping to make friends!

2-6 Players | 12 Minutes | Age 14+

HH on Sovranti.png

Pick a Hedgehog from your Dance Crew and push them one space into the Dance Mob following their arrow. That's it - the game play is that simple! If your Hedgehog dances with any of their new neighbors, they will become friends. You will collect Backup Dancers for each friend your Hedgehog makes.


When you have only one Hedgehog left, it is time for the Grand Finale! Score the entire dance floor based on your final dancer. The crew with the most points wins!


Board Game Geek loves the Hedgehog Hop! This puzzler shouldn't be underestimated. Cute & smart; we couldn't be prouder.


Play Hedgehog Hop Online

Hedgehog Hop is now available to play online with Sovranti!


As with every Fight in a Box Kickstarter, we had some special things made just for our biggest fans. In addition to the Standard Edition, we made Hedgehog Enamel Pins, promo cards, and a Special Limited Edition of Hedgehog Hop with amazing acrylic tiles! Only a few copies of the Deluxe Hedgehog Hop are still available.

We typically set these special items aside for convention season, but with the current convention season in limbo, we've made them available for you to buy.

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