Seppy Yoon - Chief Game Designer

Seppy has been running the show at Fight in a Box for the past seven years. He's the designer for Squirrel or Die, End of the Line, Processing, and Hedgehog Hop.


In addition to writing the games, he also manages production and is very proud to have delivered early on all the FiaB Kickstarters. His goal is to create titles which celebrate rambunctious fun!

Bob Seabold - Partner

Bob is convinced that the 36th Chamber is running a game store, when it actually might just be the 4th. He has been the owner of a brick and mortar game store, Tower Games since 2015 and partner in Fight in a Box for even longer!

After meeting Seppy, helping launch FiaB, and winding down a long career as a film and video production freelancer, Bob is now full time in the game industry just trying to get it figured out!

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Mark Eberhardt - Illustrator & Designer

Mark Eberhardt is an illustrator, podcaster, designer, educator, beard cultivator, and a number of other things. You could say he wears many hats. But not that beret. He doesn't know where that came from.

He's worked on Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber and Hedgehog Hop for Fight in a Box. You can find more of Mark's work in magazines, text books, greeting cards

Logan Johnston - Community Manager

Logan Johnston is a freelance community manager and Taco Bell enthusiast living in the far-off lands of Chicago, Illinois. That is if you don't live in Chicago, then he has to clarify he lives in the suburbs. 

Logan has worked alongside a number of startups in both tabletop and digital gaming, surviving off of Cheeto dust and iced coffee in his continued pursuit to work on awesome things. 

Peter & Patrick Yang - Game Designers​

Peter & Patrick Yang are game designers/developers from the Twin Cities. They came on board with Fight in a Box during ProtospielMN.

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