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We believe in the power of laughter & storytelling to bring people together. Let's build connections through ridiculous memories & absurd comedy. We make games with lightspeed themes and dark matter difficulty.

Seppy Portrait 2021.png
Seppy Yoon - Chief Game Designer

Seppy has been running the show at Fight in a Box for the past ten years. He's the designer for Squirrel or Die, End of the Line, Processing, Hedgehog Hop, and was lead designer for Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber and our upcoming title, Conquest Princess.


In addition to writing the games, he also manages production and is very proud to have delivered early on all the FiaB Kickstarters.


You can find Seppy in our weekly content:

Mark Portrait 2021.png
Mark Eberhardt - Creative Director

Mark Eberhardt is an illustrator, podcaster, designer, and hot sauce connoisseur. 

He's illustrated Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, Hedgehog Hop, and Conquest Princess and is lead writer for the McChanicle Corners RPG.

You can find Mark:

Bob Portrait 2021.png
Bob Seabold - Partner

Bob is convinced that the 36th Chamber of kung fu is running a game store. He has been the owner of a brick and mortar game store, Tower Games since 2015 and partner in Fight in a Box for even ten years.

You can see Bob at Tower Games. He is the inspiration for Mayor Waffles in McChanicle Corners.

Peter and Patrick Portrait 2021.png
Peter & Patrick Yang - Game Designers​

Peter & Patrick Yang are game designers/developers from the Twin Cities. They came on board with Fight in a Box during ProtospielMN.

They were instrumental in the creation of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber and we are excited to have them back for Conquest Princess.

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