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A one-shot heist RPG in the world of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

1 GM & 2+ Players | 3 Hours | Age 11+

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Be a small-time thief with big-time plans. Gather your crew, your cunning, and prepare to misbehave.


Get ready for a legendary heist. The McChanicle Corners RPG (McCRPG) is an irreverent one-shot with a twist: one player wins! Like any good caper, one mastermind pulls the strings and betrays everyone at the end.

The McChanicle Corners RPG is a Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Kickstarter stretch goal that took on a mind of its own. Thank you to all of our backers for making this happen.

In addition to the McCRPG rules, watch for Things to Steal & Where to Find Them and Foodstuff & Felons supplements in the coming months.

Watch Mark and the crew from Dicey Cantina play McChanicle Corners



Character Sheets

McChanicle Corners Character Sheet (Printer friendly)

McChanicle Corners Character Sheet (Form fillable)

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