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A one-shot heist RPG in the world of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

1 GM & 2+ Players | 3 Hours | Age 11+

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Be a small-time thief with big-time plans. Gather your crew, your cunning, and prepare to misbehave.


Get ready for a legendary heist. The McChanicle Corners RPG (McCRPG) is an irreverent one-shot with a twist: one player wins! Like any good caper, one mastermind pulls the strings and betrays everyone at the end.

The McChanicle Corners RPG is a Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Kickstarter stretch goal that took on a mind of its own. Thank you to all of our backers for making this happen.

In addition to the McCRPG rules, watch for Things to Steal & Where to Find Them and Foodstuff & Felons supplements in the coming months.



Character Sheets

McChanicle Corners Character Sheet (Printer friendly)

McChanicle Corners Character Sheet (Form fillable)