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Conquest Princess

Welcome to the T.I.A.R.A - the Temporal Intergalactic Armed Response Agency. You have been recruited to defend the frontier against Moo-gaga & their unFashionable Hordes. Your service to the galaxy will be sung throughout time-space, but these missions might gooify your brain in the process.


Overcome galactic tyranny through the power of space fashion & friendship. This mind-melting, multi-scenario, co-op board game is coming to crowdfunding in October, but you can play it at conventions leading up to launch.


The action starts moments after the Fashion Tyrant has ambushed your ship. Struggle to avoid destruction as you stop an invasion, defeat a giant space monster & reassemble the Conquest Princess, the galaxy's greatest weapon for justice.


Conquest Princess' theme is light-speed, but its difficulty is dark matter. Thwarting classic space problems with giant robots isn't easy!

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Game design by Seppy Yoon, Peter & Patrick Yang

Art by Mark Eberhardt

Art updates coming soon

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