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Conquest Princess

Everyone deserves a magical girl transformation!


Feel the power of friendship & fashion in this co-op bag builder for 1-4 players. As Agents of the Temporal Intergalactic Armed Response Agency, or T.I.A.R.A., you must stop the Fashion Tyrant Mu-Gahga.


Nerdy Space Dress Up in a mind melting, genre bending galactic adventure for everyone, Conquest Princess will you have blasting bad guys, fighting giant mecha-monsters and feeling the power of battle fashion.

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Princess Zero

Every giant robot has a dark past...

Princess Zero chronicles the events leading up to the Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power board game.

Told in woodblock couture fashion by Graham Judd, the artist for Squirrel or Die & Processing, Princess Zero shows us the origins of the T.I.A.R.A. and the giant robot, the Conquest Princess.

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