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END of the LINE

Get in line. Try to collect food, water, fuel, and ammo. First in line gets a bonus. Last in line gets nothing! Whoever's family survives longest wins. Be prepared for everyone to lose!


2-5 Players | 75 Minutes | Age 14+

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End of the Line is both resource and worker management with a deadly twist. Your nuclear family will suffer classic post apocalyptic nightmares meant to test your mettle (and friendships). Resources help your family survive hardships but also, allow you to draw more action cards to inflict hardships. The twist is any terrible thing you bring down on the community your family will probably have to survive themselves.


How are you with cannibalism? How are you with losing? 40% EotL games end in total annihilation (everyone dies), but in End of the Line losing spectacularly is part of the fun.

End of the Line is currently out of print and we're planning something special for its 10th anniversary.


As with every Fight in a Box Kickstarter, we had some special things made just for our biggest fans. For End of the Line we've got the Nuclear Green Squirrel or Die, and Alternate Family Pack, Deluxe Edition Pack, and Promos.

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