End of the Line

Welcome to End of the Line (EotL) Bunker Edition. The Inevitable Machine Revolt has consumed the world. Your nuclear family has one mission: you must escape obliteration while navigating the bureaucracy of the post-apocalyptic wastes.


Get in line trying to collect food, water, fuel, ammo and tech. First in line gets a bonus while last in line gets nothing!  As dad, mom, boy, girl, robot and dog are in the various lines, they will suffer classic post apocalyptic nightmares meant to test your metal (and your friendships.)


End of the Line is both resource and worker management with a deadly twist. Resources help your family survive hardships but also, allow you to draw more action cards to inflict hardships. The twist is any terrible thing you bring down on the community your family will probably have to survive themselves.


Can you endure soylent means? Will you weaponize your children against the machines? How are you with cannibalism?


Warning: 40% EotL games end in a loss (everyone dies.)

This is the reprint AND expansion to the sold out original EotL with massively upgraded components. Our plan is to launch the Kickstarter for this edition in April 2020.

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Summary: 3-5 Players, <80 min playtime,  Ages 13+

Lay low and pick your fights wisely if you’re going to make it to the End of the Line.

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