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Conquest Princess DeveloBlog

Hey Fight Fans,

March is the 2nd anniversary of our development, Conquest Princess Pew Pew Pew (CP4). You may have heard us mention CP4 on podcasts but unless you've come to playtesting, we haven't been very forthcoming with the details of the game and where we are in development. Today that all changes!

What is Conquest Princess Pew Pew Pew?

In CP4, you play the role of a space cop who works for T.I.A.R.A. (Terran Intergalactic Armed Response Agency.) Your job is to thwart the evil machinations and chaotic rancor of masterminds and alien monsters. Armed with the latest space fashion, you must dress to suppress... villainy in all its forms.

Early Player Board

What is the Goal?

Foiling cosmic bad guys isn't enough. In Conquest Princess, you must also out perform the other agents of T.I.A.R.A. It takes team work to defeat evil (everyone can lose), but be sure you out shine everyone while doing it (only one of you can win.)

What have you been doing for two years?

The first year, I had a writing partner, Chris Lyons. We successfully got Version 1 (v1) together and into shape enough to take to conventions. I loved v1: it was quirky, fun, and filled with weird and wonderful outfits. Version 1, also, took on average 2.5 hours to play. Our feedback from Cons was mixed, we had people who loved the game, but there was an equal number who couldn't see themselves sitting down for that kind of time commitment. Our goal was 1.5 hours or less. If we were going to make that happen, we needed to scrap our year of work and start over (hopefully taking what we learned with us into the next build.) The pain of starting over broke Chris's heart and I lost him from the project.

Last v1 player board

The past year, I worked up 3 builds. Version 2 played in 45 min, but the playtesters found it to be soulless and barren. Version 3, I abandoned after a few months as it had similar problems to v2. I committed myself to Version 4 after End of the Line delivered early.

Where is CP4 now?

After Adepticon, we'll be resuming regular playtesting. We'll be testing CP4 v4 and the End of the Line expansion - the Inevitable Machine Revolt. Version 4 is its early stages, but I'm very excited about it. The next big scary step is art. If you know an illustrator, fashion or costume designer who wants to help fashion defeat galactic tyranny, please let us know.

I'll post more about v4 in the next CP4 DeveloBlog.


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