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Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Companion RPG

We’ve arrived at the final stop on the MCCC epic content train: the release of the McChanicle Corners RPG & the Animated Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber! Thank you everyone who’s been on this ride with us. You truly made a difference in the lives of an indie publisher.

If you need to get yours, you have a few options:

Whatever you choose, you can warm up by watching the animated comic strip starting with Ep 4 (because Mark & Edward are huge Star Wars nerds).

Princess Progress

Graham Judd has been working hard on the final art for Princess Zero - the dark prequel comic for our board game about space fashion. This is a Couture, Wood Block-esk runway into the events preceding our Giant Robot becoming the most powerful weapon for justice in the galaxy.

We should have an announcement next month about how to experience it BEFORE the Gamefound of Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power in May. Soon, you'll be able to head over to Gamefound to experience our page as it grows, ask us questions about the game, and be the first to know when it’s going to launch.

March Events

Thanks everyone who came to see us at CaptainCon & Con of the North! If you’re up for more punishment, you can catch Seppy at the charity event for Missing Children MN on March 4th & Adepticon March 22nd-26th.


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