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FiaB’s Massive Content Update

Con of the North, AdeptiCon, & GAMA Expo

Fight in a Box will be hanging out around the Tower Games booth at Con of the North, playing impromptu games of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber plus…

Conquest Princess: a game where you use Battle Fashion to overcome galactic tyranny has made it to convention testing. The new version, Mk 0.93 is the best yet and includes these features:

  • Co-op: team up with your friends to win or lose together.

  • Modular Battlegrounds: not just one game, but a mult-interchangeable game.

  • Campaign Mode: More narrative than a board game deserves.

  • Bag-Builder: Manipulate probability or probability will manipulate you.

For years, we’ve encouraged you to share your stabbings with friends & family… now we’ll do the stabbings directly! Come play Mission 1 of Conquest Princess at Con of the North, AdeptiCon, or the GAMA Expo. Help decide the future of Fight in a Box.

By the end of these conventions, we’ll make a decision about our crowdfunding project for fall 2022.


To everyone we got to see at CaptainCon: We love you! To everyone else who missed it: We’ve got a surprise for you!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Sovranti to give you a free Platinum subscription through the month of March. That means you get to play any game on Sovranti (including Hedgehog Hop and Mouse Cheese) with all of your internet friends for the next month. Use code CaptainCon22

If you haven’t seen it already, the Sovranti Olympics is in full swing. Watch Seppy embarrass himself with a myriad of content creators. Join our little corner of Sovranti’s Discord to join in and see what’s going on!

Calling all Testers

The Solo Campaign Mode for Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber is almost at open beta. Grab your game & expansions; we’ll be posting the rules the first week of March. Get ready for the Solo Campaign by brushing up on the other solo versions. You’ll be able to find all of the solo modes on our website.

Speaking of betas, the McChanicle Corners RPG is also heading into closed beta this month. Have a group of friends you’d like to test a new RPG with? Sign up here and we’ll send you the beta rules as soon as they’re ready.

Look Out!

Did you know that our Creative Director, Mark, is so into RPGs that he spends dozens of hours each week making RPG podcasts and video content? Well now you do! He and Seppy have teamed up for a new actual play show, Lone Gamers of the Apocalypse.

In Lone Gamers of the Apocalypse, Mark & Seppy play indie RPGs and you can hear (and watch) their misadventures across these one- and two-shot experiments in roleplaying. In the first series, we’re playing The Quiet Year. For those of you who miss End of the Line and wish upon Seppy, the same post-apocalyptic nightmare you’ve shared with your friends & family…

Seppy has managed to become the smallest verified account on TikTok. Come laugh at the size of his following.

– Mark, Seppy, Bob, Peter & Patrick, Edward, and the rest of the Fight in a Box family


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