Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber Rules
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#1 - Multiplayer Rules

4 Ways to Play

Campaign Mode coming soon!

Outwit your opponents and build a path to victory.

Who Done It.png
#2 - Who Done It?

Solo Mode

Build the Maze without trapping the Characters. Survive long enough to figure out the culprit!

Great Escape.png
#3 - The Great Escape

Solo Mode

The Clocktower is about to explode! Save the Cheese and make your Great Escape!

Puzzle Icon.jpg
#4 - Puzzle Mode

Discover the Mysteries in the Maze

All 28 Maze Cards can be assembled like a puzzle. Try to put it together and discover the hidden drama in Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber. Look to The Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber and the instruction book for additional hints!


Clue: The Maze is 4 x 7 Maze Cards.

Clue: The Kaiser’s workspaces are hidden.

Clue: Plants mark the exits from the Maze that the Cat is able to use.

Clue: All Characters’ paths are complete but the Mouse starts inside the Maze.
Clue: There are exposed gears in only one place inside the Maze. Follow the yarn.