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Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber:

5-Ways to Play

All of the Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber rules build upon each other, so we put them all in once place. Beginning with the Multiplayer Rules (which can be found in the box) followed by the two solo modes: Who Done It? & The Great Escape.

The Solo Campaign Mode is Mouse Cheese's final form. It's 80 pages and is at the bottom of this page.

Oh, by the way, it's also a puzzle.

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#1 - Multiplayer Rules

Outwit your opponents and build a path to victory.

Who Done It.png
#2 - Who Done It?

Solo Mode

Build the Maze without trapping the Characters. Survive long enough to figure out the culprit!

Great Escape.png
#3 - The Great Escape

Solo Mode

The Clocktower is about to explode! Save the Cheese and make your Great Escape!

#4 - The Solo Campaign Beta

Solo Mode

The ultimate challenge for fans of Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber!

Puzzle Icon.jpg
#5 - Puzzle Mode

Discover the Mysteries in the Maze

All 28 Maze Cards can be assembled like a puzzle. Try to put it together and discover the hidden drama in Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber. Look to The Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber and the instruction book for additional hints!


Clue: The Maze is 4 x 7 Maze Cards.

Clue: The Kaiser’s workspaces are hidden.

Clue: Plants mark the exits from the Maze that the Cat is able to use.

Clue: All Characters’ paths are complete but the Mouse starts inside the Maze.
Clue: There are exposed gears in only one place inside the Maze. Follow the yarn.

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