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Black Friday: Weird & Wonderful Surprises

Greetings Cucumbers & Capitalists,

After the inevitable machine revolt, the Amazon algorithm will declare Black Friday a mandatory holiday (unpaid, of course). Here’s to you and your current state of autonomy.

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale

Since you’ve probably already got all of our games, we’ve got a bunch of special deals and rare items for you and your friends.

For the completionist in your life: The FiaB Collectors Special offers the standard versions of all of our games (even End of the Line), plus expansions, promos, pins, and fancy bags. Only 2 available. Total.

For the friend who likes it fancy: Hedgehog Hop: Deluxe and Deluxe Processing are up in the shop for what may be the final time (everything else went to PAX Unplugged).

For everyone else: We’ve got lots more surprises and gifts on our site that you’ll be excited to see. Some specials and deals will be taken down on Tuesday.

PAX Unplugged/Princess Update

If you’re going to PAX Unplugged, Seppy is taking appointments to play Conquest Princess. Message Seppy on social media to schedule a game. Otherwise, you can find him and Edward in the Knight Moves Cafe, booth #3601, demoing our Backpack Series.

Booth Times:

Seppy - 10am - 2pm Friday, & 2pm - 6pm Saturday

Edward - 10am - 2pm Saturday & Sunday

If you want to play Processing or Princess, get in touch!

In Princess news, we’ve begun testing the Training Mission: The Captain Ashi Marooned. Rejoice! The dark prequel comic book, Princess Zero by Graham Judd is on schedule.

Our theme for the 2022 Mayor Waffles Calendar was movies… what will 2023 bring?

MCCC Update - Mayor Waffles Calendar 2023

The first draft of the McChanicle Corners RPG is now complete. Supplementary materials for the RPG are moving to edits and layout. Thanks again to our Beta testers & Lance, who ran a game for us at GameHole Con.

The 2023 Mayor Waffles Calendar is coming in late December. The calendar is a free exclusive to Tower Games and is a can’t miss item if you’re in the Twin Cities.

Look for the Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber motion comic to hit YouTube in early 2023.

The content engine has been cranking up. Check out our weekly original stuff:

  • The Inevitable Machine Revolt rages on. Our fourth blog posts next week.

  • On Lone Gamers of the Apocalypse, we just finished our playthrough of Vessel

  • Seppy is doing 15 seconds of Game Design daily on YouTube Shorts

  • Every Wednesday, Seppy goes live with people in the game industry on TikTok & we post a YouTube recap every Tuesday.

In the spirit of buying and selling, FiaB wants to remind you that we’re indie/poor & we'd like to thank you Fight Fans for all of your support.

– Seppy, Mark, Bob, Peter & Patrick, Edward, Graham, and the rest of the Fight in a Box family


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