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A Galaxy in Peril!

Greetings Future Humans & Fashion Hunters,

At Fight in a Box, we believe in the power of storytelling & laughter to connect us and make the world a little better. For our small company, your support makes a universe of difference and reminds us of the potential of crowdfunding. Come help us spread a little joy & unconventional weirdness…

A Galaxy in Peril!

The Fashion Tyrant Mu-gahgah steps up her invasion.

The Temporal Intergalactic Armed Response Agency, or T.I.A.R.A., is our brave new hope. Warriors dress for battle and face off against the worst classic space problems: Invaders from Space, Giant Mecha-Monsters and the dreaded Mu-gahgah herself.

Prepare for battle: Fashion is Power!

Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power is a cooperative, 1-4 player, bag-builder board game. A single bag of destiny determines your fate. Manipulate probability to complete your mission.

Help us Prep for Launch

Here’s what you can do now:

Conquest Princess: Fashion is Power is slated to launch in the second half of May. Leading up to launch, we’ll be updating our Gamefound page weekly with campaign features, reveals about the game, and chapters from Princess Zero - a dark, couture look into the prehistory of our giant robot.

– Seppy, Mark, Bob, Peter & Patrick, Edward, Graham, and the rest of the Fight in a Box family


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