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Hedgehog Hop's Time Warp

Hey Fight Fans,

Annually, 3,500+ board games are released. For small, indie publishers finding ways to differentiate yourself can be critical. One of the stand out qualities for Fight in a Box has been delivering early on our Kickstarter promise. End of the Line shipped 3 months early and Processing shipped 5 months early.

For the Hedgehog Hop, we decided to flip the script. Instead of picking an ultra-conservative time line to allow for wildly variable stretch goals, we asked ourselves how ambitious with delivery could we be if we removed stretch goals from the equation?

The Hedgehog Hop was perfect for this experiment: it had a form factor like Squirrel or Die (stretch goals aren't crucial for a fabulous filler game you keep in your coat pocket) and it tested well at every convention since January.

To save time and mitigate risk, we pre-selected Panda GM for the project because of their track record with us and with the card version of Squirrel or Die.

Lastly, to keep shipping costs and timeline manageable, we decided to limit the Kickstarter to just the United States. The Hedgehog hop will be available in Canada, EU and UK through our distribution partner Atlas Games as part of the retail release, but not during the KS. All of this adds up to us having a Kickstarter in September 2019 which we hope to deliver to you no later than November 2019. This is a radical change from how we've done things in the past, but the board game space will only continue to expand and we'd love to find our place in it. Please let us know what you think? Email us at or message our Facebook page.

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