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Fight in a Box Game Pipeline 8.19.19

Hey Fight Fans,

Here are the games Fight in a Box is working on, in the order we hope to release them. Moving forward we hope to do a “big” title and a “little” title every year, if possible.

Disco Hedgehog

Hedgehog Hop

Today’s big news is the Kickstarter launch date for the Hedgehog Hop, September 17th, 2019! For those who don’t know, the Hedgehog Hop is our follow up to Squirrel or Die. In the Hop, you’re rival hedgehog dance crews competing to have the most spectacular Grand Finale.

The standard edition is 88mm x 88mm square, the gameplay is 12 minutes, and the MSRP is $12. If you saw us at GenCon, you may have seen the preview copies. The card version looks great and we should get the final prototypes for the fancy acrylic deluxe version this week.

End of the Line: Bunker Edition & The Inevitable Machine Revolt

Our game of post-apocalyptic family survival is getting its fancy edition and an expansion in the second quarter of 2020. In End of the Line, you try to out survive your neighbors during the worst of the end times. The Inevitable Machine Revolt tells the story of when robots finally rule the Earth.

We’re currently working the graphic design of the Bunker Edition to make it integrate with the original version. There will be improved wooden tokens replacing the cubes, resource stands, and actual bunkers instead of screens. We’re currently running around like kids in a candy store making sure we get all the things we’ve always wanted to fit in the box. Look for updates and specifics in future news updates from Fight in a Box.

Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber

Our next 88mm x 88mm square title is asymmetrical. In Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber, you construct a maze to complete your personal agenda: the mouse hopes to steal the cheese, the cat tries to catch the mouse, the cheese wants everyone to get along, and the cucumber likes it when everyone gets eaten.

Seppy is game designing with Peter & Patrick Yang and Mark Eberhardt is signed up to create the art (and save us from Seppy's GeoCities graphics stylings.) Look for Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber at ProtospielMN 2020.

Other Projects

Farther out are the next big titles after the End of the Line: Bunker Edition, and though it's too early to share specifics on these, know that Seppy is very dedicated to space fashion, little toys hitting each other, and gentrifying the afterlife.

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