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Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity will deliver 5 months early on Promise

Exciting news!

Though things got a little jumbled in ground transport from CA, we're still going to be 5 months on our KS delivery promise for Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity. We're very excited that we can make this happen. Our fans and backers are some of the most loyal and engaging and they deserve nice things.

As you can see by this picture, even Bob was surprised by how quickly we were able to turn this around.

We'll have our pre-release party on Thursday, June 6th from 6-9pm at Tower Games in MPLS where people can pick up there copy of the game (if they opted for that). Mail drop will be late that week.

Processing will be available to folks going to Origins and then everywhere July 4th, 2019. We'd love it if you celebrated Independence day with our game of Alien Invasion.

Additionally, we'll be celebrating International Table Top day at the Source Comics and Games and Tower Games (June 1st.) Please come by.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity happen from our fans, friends, backers, to the folks who worked on the game like amazing Jody Henning, the graphic designer and Panda GM who helped us put the game together.

Independent games don't happen without the help of amazing people like you. Thanks so much for your faith and support. -s

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