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Processing SoD's recieved

Hey Fight Fans,

Kickstarters have a lot of moving parts. It can be a real challenge to get everything right. One common complicated element are the 'add ons' for a project. Functionally, add ons are another way for fans to show their support while also getting something unique to the campaign.

At Fight in a Box, add ons mean a super fancy Squirrel or Die. During the End of the Line Kickstarter, we crafted the "Nuclear Green Post-Apocalyptic" version - there were 72 made and each was lovingly hand numbered.

For the Processing: a Game of Serving humanity kickstarter (launching Oct 16th, 11am Central), 149 special "Alien Agenda" Squirrel or Die were created. We say "created" because we already have them in our hands! They are gorgeous and they are currently airing out the post production smell. Our friends Muse on Minis made them and the beautiful acrylic tiles take a little while to lose their stink. After they air out, we'll package and hand number each. Only 131 of them will be available during the KS.

We're very excited because this means there be one less thing to wait on to deliver on our Kickstarter promise.

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