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Processing Update June

Hey Fight Fans,

We're zooming in on a date for Processing. The "blind" testing in May went well and we put in the order for the reviewer copies. If things continue to go well, we're looking at a Oct or Nov launch date for the Processing Kickstarter.

The 3-6 player game is locked in. We're trying to make the 1 & 2 player co-op version happen, but that's still got some work needed. Kickstarter add-ons are well in the works and we're looking to have add-on prototypes before we shoot the KS video. The first round of art drafts for the special addition UFO Squirrel or Die made it to us this week.

Random weird teasers are in the works as well.

We'll be doing more demos of the game at both the Origins Game Fair and GenCon. -s

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