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Podcast Experiments

Hey Fight Fans,

We've teamed up with Jeff Tidball game publishing guru to put together a little project we are calling "Having Fun Playing Games." It's a commute long conversation (@25.4 minutes) with the folks who make games/nerd stuffs about what is fun about what we do and what we create. We've recorded 19 episodes and we've greedily kept them to ourselves. But soon we'll be letting them see the light of day, our goal is to get them edited and start posting them in June. You can look for amazing guests like Andrew Chesney, Gary Ray, and Jay Little and many many more!

Why just run one experiment when you can have two? Our other podcast experiment is called "The Wasteland Wake Up." It is a post-apocalyptic radio show with a six episode story arc. Ever wonder what happens to the Twin Cities after the Inevitable Machine Revolt? Well... it isn't pretty.


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