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New Special Addition SoD with IMR

Judd's IMR vision

Hey Fight Fans,

We're getting our ducks in a row for the first expansion to End of the Line: the Inevitable Machine Revolt. We still have some work to do, but we're getting our plan together. Part of that plan is another Limited Edition of Squirrel or Die.

The previous Limited Edition was Nuclear Green and we made just 72 of them to celebrate our Kickstarter. It featured an entirely new tile set and a slightly modified version of the rules to make it more post-apocalyptic. The Muse on Minis folks made them for us and they turned out spectacularly.

For the next Limited Edition, we're taking it up a notch - they will be full color on clear plastic instead of wood. We'll be modifying the rules slightly again to work with the Robot theme. We were lucky enough to get local artist Graham Judd to help out with the tile art. We're super excited to have him on board. Look for more info in our DeveloBlog about future SoD.

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