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End of the Line in Distribution

Hey Fight Fans,

We're so excited to let you know that End of the Line (EotL) is now being carried by Alladin Distributors in Burnsville, MN. As you may remember, EotL started back in 2010 and Alladin was a part of it even back then. John Redmann, graphic designer for Squirrel or Die, took seppy down there when he saw how sad the original End of the Line prototypes were.

Ken and Eric showed seppy around, got him hooked up with cubes and meeples and were extremely encouraging. We're very proud to have one of our games in their warehouse and with their help hope to expand the audience of End of the Line.

This was how things looked before Mel saved us... when John took us to Alladin things were unspeakably more ugly.

If you are interested in carrying End of the Line in your store, please contact the fine people at Alladin Distributors 952.890.8700 or email

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