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2016 FiaB Events Calendar

Hey Fight Fans,

We’re fast approaching the End of the Line Kickstarter Launch Date, but we thought we take a minute to share the

rundown of all things we have in the mix for 2016.

Protospiel MN - Jan 29th - 31st

We’re sending Seppy off to spread the good word and meet with other game cobblers. Protospiel is a gathering of designers and board game enthusiasts where new projects are revealed, played and discussed. This is the first one of these to come to MN and also our first showing at such a happening. Stop in and see what’s buzzworthy (it’s $10 to see all the newness.)

CaptainCon - Feb 5th - 7th

We’re off to Rhode Island. The venue and date got swapped around, but the same good peoples are crewing the ship. We’ll be hanging out at the Muse on Mini’s booth and the board gaming demo tables all weekend. Also, we’re super excited to host a special game of End of the Line for the d6 Generation and the Nerdherders - they all liked Squirrel or Die so they graciously agree to give EotL a try.

Con of the North - Feb 12th-14th

Our local Valentine’s day con in MN, Con of the North holds a special place in our hearts. This year we have a booth, a demo table and will be hanging out with Undead Viking in the boardgaming room. As a special treat, Chris Lyons will be sharing his awesome industries (wood nerdery) in the booth. There’s also a special deal on SoD to celebrate the Kickstarter.

End of the Line Kickstarter - Feb 15th to March 16th

30 days where we put our fate in the hands of our fans and supporters. Right on the back of Con of the North, this event is 5+ years in the making. We’ll have all the details in the new couple week, but hang onto your hats.

Adepticon - March 31st - April 3rd

There is no rest. We’re hanging with the Muse crew in Chicago. We’ll be demoing games in the boardgame area and catching up with sweet people like Andrew Chesney from Footsore/Warlord games. 2015 was a blast and we’re looking forward to another good showing.

Convergence June 30th - July 3rd

Let the cosplay begin! MN’s 4th of July Con of costumes, sci-fi and revelry left a real impression on us last year. This year we’re hoping to do even more. You can catch us at the top floor of the hotel helping people experience the post-apocalypse. Hopefully, we’ll have Conquest Princess ready for the Convention Circuit by then.

Warmachine Weekend November 4th - 6th

Even though it's the last Con of the year, we can’t help but let everyone know we’ll be back at WMW. Carl and the crew do such a good job and the WMW crowd were some of the first to embrace us. Of course, we’ll be back.

Events in the Works: there’s a couple of other things we have in the mix Muse on Minis is working on a Con/Warmachine qualifier in May. John DeMaris asked us to head up boardgaming, but we still need to figure out details. Also, we’re looking for a good spot for the 3rd FiaB game day. We’ll have more details on both as these develop.


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