End of the Line

Bunker Edition & Inevitable Machine Revolt Expansion coming April 2020!

In End of the Line, you’re everyday people trying to survive in what remains after great Machine Uprising. Place your nuclear family in resource lines attempting to collect food, water, fuel, ammo and tech. Meanwhile, terrible things (played by you and your opponents) make life perilous. It’s worker placement gone horribly, horribly wrong. It’s a light twist on resource management with a dash of programming.

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Released everywhere July 4th, 2019. 

Aliens have conquered the earth and you've been enslaved to sort our the survivors. The problem is the aliens can't tell the difference between cows and hipsters. A 30 min, 3-6 players social game of insane democracy that requires negotiation and strategy. Abduct a copy of your own today.


Hedgehog Hop


Get a pre-release copy now! Everywhere Nov 15th 2019.

Hedgehogs have assembled to do what they do best: dance. However, hedgehogs are clumsy and will be bouncing each other around on the dance floor!  Assemble your dance crew and groove against others to perform the most spectacular Grand Finale. 12 min, 2 player set collection, tile placement game.

Squirrel or Die


Our game of surviving winter as a squirrel is now in distribution everywhere!

Think multiplayer mind sweeper or combat memory. More than 2300 copies sold...

7 min, 2-4 players the perfect "filler" game. Available through Atlas Games and your favorite local game store. 


September 9, 2019

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