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Gifts to You 🎁

Greetings Yule Cats & Calendar Enthusiasts,

Mayor Waffles is back! Inspired by classic dungeon crawl RPG modules & media, the 2023 Mayor Waffles calendar is now available at Tower Games. And best of all, it’s FREE (with purchase).

PAX Unplugged - We got best in show!

Thanks to everyone who played Conquest Princess or came to visit Seppy at the Knight Moves booth. A big thank you to Grant Lyon took the time to play and gave Conquest Princess best in show for theme in his review of PAX Unplugged.

The Library is Open

Not only are all of Fight in a Box’s games free to play on Sovranti for the rest of the year but you can also play those Minnesota favorites like Planet Unknown and Dice Miner and indie darlings like Isle of Cats. No more excuses! Download, signup, and bring a friend… they even have boop.

Have a Laugh on Us

The Inevitable Machine Revolt* (Blog) is here. Seppy & Mark discuss the next step in the evolution of our machine overlords - AI art.

*The End of the Line new edition is out in the wastes and needs to be brought in out of the cold.

Lone Gamers of the Apocalypse played Vessel - a 2-play RPG of host and symbiote. All four episodes are now up.

Daily content - check out YouTube shorts & TikTok.

– Seppy, Mark, Bob, Peter & Patrick, Edward, Graham, and the rest of the Fight in a Box family


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