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  • Seppy Yoon

Out of End of the Line

Hey Fight Fans,

We are both happy and sad to announce that FiaB is running out of copies of End of the Line to sell. GenCon 2018 will be that last time we bring our game of post-apocalyptic family survival to a convention. If you're still looking for a copy, don't panic! Atlas Games has a few copies and our distributors still have some, but we're nearing the end. They certainly will be gone by the holidays.

We'll be reprinting EotL in one way or another when we crowdfund the expansion in 2019. "The Inevitable Machine Revolt" (IMR) is very complete and we'll be taking it to conventions after the Processing Kickstarter.

Thanks to everyone who supported End of the Line since the 2016 kickstarter. You guys made this happen.

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