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2018 FiaB Calendar/Plan

Hey Fight Fans,

It’s a new year and we want to let you know all the places we’ll be in the upcoming months! Also, what goals might be for the new year.

  • Protospiel-MN: January 19-21, Bloomington, MN… This is our second year as a sponsor! We couldn’t be prouder. Come join in the fun. Just $10 covers the entire weekend. Both Bob and Seppy will be running our prototypes throughout the whole weekend.

  • CaptainCon: February 2-4, Warwick, RI… Seppy returns to our favorite little con in all the world! We’ll be running demos of our stuff new and old the entire weekend. Also, we may have an important announcement that weekend! Stay tuned.

  • Con of the North: February 16-18, Plymouth, MN… Our very own booth! Again! If you haven’t already, you can still sign up for our events at the Con or just swing by and play some pick up games at our booth. We’re excited to see all our local favorites and play games with the peeps.

  • GAMA Trade Show: March 12-16, Reno, NV… Seppy might be talking about being an adult. If you’re up for the punishment, he’ll be hanging out living the dream.

  • Adepticon: March 22-25, Schaumburg, IL… Bob and Seppy know it’s a miniatures Con, but we love it there. We’ll be hanging out in the board game area and making new friends.

Squirrel or Die Deluxe… Just like last year we retired the “Alder” wood stain, this year we’re discontinuing the “Ebony” and “Cherry.” We’ll still have some at the first few Cons (and there are still some locally in the Twin Cities.) We’re unsure if we’ll have a chance to make a new deluxe run, but if we do we’ve targeted “Walnut” to be this year’s finish. Stay tuned for more updates on those.

The Bob-casts... we'll sponsoring a few "exploratory" podcasts featuring local talent doing awesome things. Stay tuned more for how fun that might be.

We will be running a KS this year. When we get closer to final numbers and dates, we’ll let you know, but keep your eyes to the skies…


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