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Kickstarter Launch Date Announced!

Hey Fight Fans! We have two words for you...

EotL Kickstarter

The long wait is over, the countless playtests, demos, FiaB game day, Convergence, Con of the North, Captain Con, Adepticon and Warmachine Weekend…time and time again you’ve asked, “When is the kickstarter for End of the Line?”

Save the date...February 15th, 2016 aka President’s Day. We’ll post more detail each week as we get closer to the event, but we’re on our way.

In the News, Warmachine Weekend 2015 was great fun again. First, we have to thank Carl and company for making such a great event. Next, we need to thank John, Nigel and the Muse crew for giving us a place to be. We, also, have to thank all the amazing folks at the Con for playing our games and for buying Squirrel or Die. Special thanks to Your Turn Go for making us feel like rockstars.

Many, many games of SoD and EotL were played, but the real surprise for us was the folks willing to strap themselves into rockets and take off in Conquest Princess Pew Pew Pew. Prototype space flight has never been pretty, but these folks did it in style. Thanks for the love and support.

In development news, Conquest Princess has transformed in the latest build. It now is consistently in a good time frame (around 100 min.) We’ve introduced ship/base powers. New card mechanics include Hazard, Assimilation, and Expose. The new fashion types are almost ready for lift off and we’ve nailed down new end-planets. End of the Line: Inevitable Machine Revolt has been updated to v3 build. We’ll roll out the new look soon. If you’re interested in playtesting, our last session of the year will be December 18th. Let Seppy know if you want to earn a burrito and play some games. Remember just 10 weeks and the kickstarter launches! Please let your loved one’s know. End of the Line tests what families are made of.

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