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Don't say we can't...We CON!

Hey Fight fans!

This month started with a bang at Convergence...the Twin cities sci-fantasy cosplay 4th of July party! This year had @7,000 in attendance! Thanks so much to the staff for giving us space on the 22nd floor to demo games. We were blown away by all the folks interested in End of the Line and Squirrel or Die - demos demos demos weekend! Special thanks to Sully and Dante for helping out and the folks who grabbed a copy of SoD. You make FiaB going to conventions possible.

On the Conquest Princess front, we had a major leap forward! Massive edits happened cutting playtime to @70 minutes. (As expected, the editing process left Seppy wrapped in the fetal position rolling from one puddle or his tears to the next. Big sissy.) Here's a closer look at the prototype rockets and landing pads.

Mid-month, we headed out to Taunton, Mass for CaptainCON a three day tabletop event put on by the New England Privateers gaming group. A big thanks to the con and the near 400 attendees! The highlight was Saturday when EotL had 9 hours of non-stop demo's. Thanks again to those people who waited patiently for their chance to share in the post-apocalyptic mayhem. None of this would have been possible without John DeMaris and Muse On Minis. We can't thank those guys enough or the folks who supported our trip by purchasing a copy of Squirrel or Die.

For EOTL, the Inevitable Machine Revolt expansion got a face lift. Melonie Lavely continues producing great stuff (here's the new Tech Line.) We've also standardized some of the iconography across version 3 of the core game, for example the laws have appropriate icons. Box designs have started to happen. We'll share the look of those soon.

In the world of Undermind for phase 3 we are waiting on some new artwork and also we've been working on the next set of videos which includes an additional how to and the final installment of the Improve Your Evil video with Charles Hubbell. All good things come in threes. Sorry about the delay! We've got lots to work on!

Squirrel or Die is now available at The Whiz Store in Westboro, Massachusetts! Thanks to Chris Walsh for seeing the potential and taking a liking to us! Don't forget Squirrel or Die is also available at Mother Earth Gardens in Minneapolis and online at the Muse on Minis store!

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