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Hedgehog Hop Rules

Two Player Puzzler

the two player puzzler


Build the Maze without trapping the Characters. Survive long enough to figure out the culprit!

Unicorn Hedgehog Promo

Unicorn Hedgehog loves to dance with everyone.

Place Unicorn Hedgehog in the center of the Dance Mob during the setup of a 2-Player game, or any Puzzler version of Hedgehog Hop.

Unicorn Hedgehog is Wild. When a player plays a Hedgehog that is adjacent and orthogonal to Unicorn Hedgehog, that Hedgehog is always In Sync with the Unicorn Hedgehog.

During the Grand Finale, Unicorn Hedgehog counts as being every Move, every Color, and every Style.

Zombie Hedgehog Promo

Zombie Hedgehog is hungry

Zombie Hedgehog can only play in a two player game and always starts at the center of the Dance Mob.

When Zombie Hedgehog is pushed into another Hedgehog, they always eat the Hedgehog in the direction that they are moving. When a Hedgehog is eaten, it is removed from the game.

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