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In the Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber: a comic strip adventure powered by terrible democracy, an evil piece of produce embarks on criminal hijinks. Each week Kaiser Cucumber will be faced with a decision, and the voters decide which of his personalities he will listen to.

The voting results will be reflected in Fight in a Box's next title, Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber.

Do I need to sign up for anything to vote?

What does your vote do?
The simplest thing is that your vote changes what happens in the next episode. In addition to that, it will both affect our upcoming title, Mouse Cat Cheese Cucumber, and McChanicle Corners, the world of Kaiser Cucumber.

In addition to the game, we'll be creating an art book alongside our Kickstarter. Your votes will forever be recorded there!

What is Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber?
Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber is a game of mysteries and maze-building. It will be the third small-box game from Fight in a Box.

When do new episodes come out?

A new episode comes out every other Tuesday.

How long is voting?

You've got eight days to cast your vote. Voting ends at the stroke of midnight on the Wednesday of the following week.

How many episodes of The Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber will there be?

Including the prologue, The Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber will see 13 unlucky episodes by the end of its run.

Who came up with this wild adventure?

The Adventures of Kaiser Cucumber is written by Seppy Yoon and Mark Eberhardt and is illustrated by Mark Eberhardt.

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Episode 1

Episode 1: In which Kaiser Cucumber has captured the Head of Lettuce Security, one of his Special Guests.